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How to Refund NordVPN?

An eternal battle between armor and a projectile

The eternal competition between software manufacturers and users is similar to the same eternal battle between armor and a projectile. Users would like to get the software for free. Well, if it doesn’t come out for free, then at least to check it out for as long as possible during the trial period to finally make sure that it is for this application that they are ready to shell out their hard-earned dollars. Moreover, the cases when love, at first sight, flares up between the user and the application can be counted on one hand. Rather, a quest for finding your own – one and for the rest of your life – an application is like a series of trial marriages.

In each specific case, statistics are accumulated: what you like and would like to leave, what is annoying, but, in general, you can put up with this and what – right opposite – you are not ready to endure in any case. Over time, the understanding comes that the ideal is unattainable, in principle, so you will have to stop at an option with a minimum of shortcomings and a maximum of those features that are necessary for you and are implemented so conveniently as to meet your exact requirements. At the same time, it will most likely turn out that a bunch of premium features that look very attractive in selling texts will not be useful to you in your work.

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And then it will become clear that there is no point in paying extra money for something that you probably won’t use. Did you get it? OK! This means that you are ready to finally make that very acquire, about which you can safely say: “This is one of the best acquisitions in my life!” But before that happens, you need to try, compare, weigh and evaluate.

Software manufacturers are well aware of this approach. Most likely, this is how they themselves select the applications that they buy for their own home computers. But precisely to be able to buy for themselves exactly what they need, they are interested in selling us as much of their own products as possible. Exactly to sell, not to provide for free as test samples.

That is why most of them do not seek to please you with long trial periods. Ideally, of course, they would not provide such an opportunity for anyone at all. However, the lack of a test period looks bad in all sorts of comparative reviews (especially if the closest competitor still demonstrates restrained generosity), so they have to moderate their greed and agree to compromise.

At the same time, since a conditional trial period cannot be completely avoided, many manufacturers strive to make it at least as short as possible. And if you are promised a “30-day money-back” (this formula became the de-facto standard for most developers and sellers of expensive software) – be especially careful: the return will most likely be subject to a host of additional conditions. Moreover, many of them may not be obvious at all.

NordVPN takes the in-between position among these vendors: it does not provide its users with a trial period, instead offering a 30-day refund. Unlike others, the procedure for getting your money back here is quite simple and practically free of pitfalls. If you follow a few simple rules, you can be absolutely sure that your money (unless, of course, within 30 days you fall in love with this program so much that you decide to continue to follow it hand in hand to the end of life) will return to you without any problems.

By the way, please pay attention: NordVPN very often offers huge discounts, so the safe (with a 30-day full refund guarantee) payment may turn out more than affordable for you.

The farewell process in brief

To begin with – the important rules that were mentioned above.

  • Keep in mind: if you bought NordVPN not on the official website, but in Apple’s App Store, you should apply for a refund to this store, and not to the manufacturer’s website. Nevertheless, the money will still be returned to you, just the procedure for receiving them may slightly differ from the one described below.
  • You can only receive money if you request a refund before the expiration of the FIRST subscription period. This means that if, for example, you subscribed for a month, the payment for it went away, then the next month began, but you suddenly decided that, perhaps, you no longer need the second month, then no one will return the money to you. Of course, the same rule applies to subscriptions for any other term. Therefore, create a reminder in your calendar and do not miss the required date.

Let’s assume you’re fine with the deadlines, your first subscription hasn’t expired yet and you want to take advantage of NordVPN’s 30-day refund.

  • Log into your NordVPN account.
  • Go to the Dashboard section.
  • Click on the inconspicuous three vertical dots next to “Change Plan”.
  • Find the “Cancel automatic payments” button there.
  • Contact customer support by mail or live chat and inform them about your desire to cancel your subscription and get your money back.

The refund process after completing this simple procedure usually takes 1-2 banking days.

The same in details and pictures

If you’re worried about doing something wrong or missing something important, just follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Log into your NordVPN account using the login (email address to which messages from this program come) and the password you received during registration.
  2. Go to the Dashboard section and find the “My Services” item.
  3. In the upper right corner next to the blue “Change plan” plate, click on the icon, which represents three vertically arranged dots (as in the programs on your smartphone).
  4. Select “Cancel automatic payments” from the dropdown menu.
  5. You will be asked whether you really want to stop the automatic renewal of your subscription and will be reminded of all the advantages and benefits of such a convenient way of debiting money from your account without your participation. Well, you can think again whether you should part with such a wonderful program, and if, listening to your inner voice, decide that the radical break is inevitable, feel free to press the big red “Confirm Cancellation” button.
  6. After you have confirmed the finality and irrevocability of your separation from NordVPN, you can admire for a while the message, informing you that the program sellers deeply regret your decision but are forced to accept this unfortunate fact with the pain of heart.
  7. When you decide that the farewell is somewhat delayed, but life goes on, and you need to move on, you can, with the last sigh, press the “Close” button with relief.
  8. For this, you will be rewarded with a message, proving that NordVPN understands: “Your “No” really means: “No”.
  9. It’s necessary to say, this will be expressed in a kind of peculiar way: in the section “My Services” on the right a new blue plate with white letters will appear, which add up to the words “Extend Plan”. Translated from the NorVPNish, this means that the unsubscribe process was successful.
  10. OK, you stopped the subscription’s auto-renewal, but you are only halfway through. It’s time to go get your money back. This means that now your route lies in the direction of customer service. Decide for yourself what is prettier to you: correspondence by e-mail or communication in a live chat.
  11. Find the “Contact Us” item on your NordVPN account management page and select a method for further communication.
  12. With e-mail, everything is absolutely clear: enter your username (just in case), write that you want to return your money, and wait for an answer.
  13. By the way, you can also send a letter with a request for a refund from the official NordVPN page. To do this, you need to go to the contacts section and select the “Email Us” button.
  14. If you prefer to control everything from A to Z, then live chat is your choice.
  15. Do not be afraid that NLP technologies will be applied to you and will convince you not to part with such a convenient program, which, moreover, deservedly is the leader of numerous ratings and comparative reviews.
  16. I’ll tell you a secret: they have already mourned your parting and, in order not to flood the keyboard with tears, they will simply send you a couple of polite, but completely formal questions. Answer them no less politely, and they will redirect you to the finance department.
  17. There, the short procedure for exchanging questions and answers will be repeated, and you will be informed that the money is already on its way to your wallet.

Recall the route

Summing up, let us once again recall the shortest path to the section of subscriptions and managing them from your account.

Find in the menu that is located in the left column, the item “Billing”. By clicking on this item, you will be taken to the page with the same name, where you need to select the “Subscription” tab. And there you will find the blue and white “Change Plan” plate and the mentioned above three dots, lined up in a column.

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Please remember that stopping of your subscription does not automatically call for a refund. In order to get your money back, you need to contact customer service by mail or live chat and announce your desire. Only after confirmation by mail (and in a live chat, if you communicated there), you can be completely sure that both parties – you and the NordVPN providers – understood each other correctly and the money will actually be transferred to your account.

As stated above, if you purchased NordVPN in Apple’s App Store, you must complete the entire process – both unsubscribing and requesting a refund – through Apple Id. Everything there is also very simple: go to “Settings”, enter your name, select “Subscriptions”, find NordVPN there and cancel it.