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5 Best TorGuard Alternatives

Most recommended
  • Double protection
  • 5200+ servers in 60 countries
  • Up to 6 devices
  • No data leaks
A good choice too
VPN Surfshark
  • Ad-blocker
  • Whitelister
  • Allows torrenting
  • Independent audit
Great customer support
  • VPN split tunneling
  • TrustedServer technology
  • Network Lock kill switch
  • Private DNS
  • Over 7400 VPN servers worldwide
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • DNS and IP leak protection
  • Automatic kill switch
IPVanish VPN
  • Zero traffic logs
  • Proxy web server
  • Access to censored media
  • Multiple connection protocols

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TorGuard has been a popular VPN service for years. The company provides an encrypted and anonymous way to browse the internet that’s free from prying eyes. However, TorGuard is not perfect for everyone, so there are some alternatives you should consider if you’re looking for a VPN provider.


NordVPN is a great alternative to TorGuard. They have fast servers and a great price. In addition, they keep no logs of any kind, which is excellent for those who want to stay as private as possible online!

They also offer several other privacy features that are not included with TorGuard VPN. For example, they include an ad-blocking feature called CyberSec that keeps you safe from malware when browsing the web.
NordVPN also has a great mobile app that makes it easy to stay protected on the go. Moreover, their customer service is top-notch and always available to help you with any issue.

If you’re looking for a great TorGuard alternative, NordVPN is definitely worth considering!

  • Good for Netflix
  • Advanced security protocols
  • High quality
  • More than 5000 servers in 62 countries
  • Protects your privacy well with advanced protocols
  • Available in the App Store and Google play
  • Sometimes difficult to connect to servers
  • Expensive


Surfshark is a relatively new VPN provider that has been making waves in the industry. It offers several features, such as strong encryption and unlimited bandwidth for free.

However, what really sets Surfshark apart is its impressive list of supported devices. The provider offers apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It also supports a wide range of routers, making it perfect for people looking to protect their entire home network.

Surfshark also has a strict no-logging policy, which is ideal for people who are concerned about their privacy. Moreover, the provider has a kill switch feature that will automatically disconnect you from the internet if your VPN connection drops.

If you’re looking for a great alternative to TorGuard, Surfshark is definitely worth considering. The provider offers excellent features and performance at a very reasonable price. You can’t go wrong with Surfshark!

  • Strong security features
  • Can access geo-restricted content
  • Fast speeds
  • The good customer service team
  • Seven simultaneous connections
  • Relatively new VPN service
  • No live chat support


ExpressVPN is another great alternative to TorGuard. It has a large server network that covers over 94 countries, so you’ll be able to find an option no matter where you’re located. The service also offers strong security features, including 256-bit encryption and a strict no-logs policy. Plus, ExpressVPN’s apps are easy to use and work on a variety of devices.

In addition to the great security and anonymity features, ExpressVPN is also incredibly fast. You can expect download speeds up to two times as fast as those from other VPN providers in many areas! All of this makes it one of the best TorGuard alternatives out there.

  • 3000+ servers in 94 countries
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Netflix and BBC iPlayer access
  • Strong encryption and privacy policy
  • Supports all popular platforms
  • A bit more expensive than some other providers


CyberGhost is a good TorGuard alternative because it has a large network of servers, strong security features, and excellent customer service.

If you’re looking for an affordable VPN with good performance, CyberGhost is a great option. The service has a large network of servers, and the app is easy to use. CyberGhost also offers a free trial, so you can test the service before committing to a subscription. Moreover, CyberGhost has a solid privacy policy and provides good customer support.

CyberGhost doesn’t offer as many features as TorGuard, but it’s a great option for people who want an affordable VPN with good performance.

  • Great security features
  • Very affordable plans
  • Fast connection speeds
  • Easy to use software for all devices and operating systems
  • Not as many servers as some of the other providers
  • Some connection logs kept
  • No live chat support


IPVanish is one more TorGuard alternative because it provides lightning-fast speeds and military-grade security. It also has a large network of servers that are perfect for unblocking content worldwide.

IPVanish also offers a great deal of flexibility, making it perfect for Kodi users who want to switch between servers depending on the content they’re streaming. Moreover, this provider allows PGP-encrypted communication between your devices for extra security.

Rising rapidly in the marketplace, IPVanish is a great TorGuard alternative if you’re looking to unblock content from all over the world with servers located in 60+ countries.

  • Large server network
  • Offers apps for most platforms
  • No logs policy
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Good customer service
  • Unlimited bandwidth and server switching
  • Higher price tag than some competitors
  • Does not offer a free trial

How to Choose TorGuard Alternative?

About TorGuard

TorGuard VPN is a high-speed, ultra-secure, and easy-to-use service that has been around since 2012. The company has over 3000 servers in 50 countries, making it one of the biggest providers out there for privacy seekers who want their internet activity kept away from prying eyes.

This provider uses AES-256 encryption on OpenVPN connections with an RSA 4096 handshake and SHA512 auth authentication as well as perfect forward secrecy (DHE), so session keys are not reused across multiple sessions and data streams. TorGuard VPN is a service that keeps your browsing history and data private.

Once you sign up for the TorGuard, it will provide you with an easy-to-use application to install on all of your devices: PC, Mac, Android, or iOS. All users need to do after downloading this app is select their preferred protocol (OpenVPN UDP / TCP), select a VPN server, and then hit connect. It’s as easy as that!

The software also provides users with DNS leak protection which ensures your ISP can’t see what you’re up to, IPv/IPvanish address masking, port forwarding for torrents, and more advanced features such as Stealth VPN access points.

Moreover, TorGuard also allows for up to five simultaneous connections so that you can protect all of your devices with a single subscription.

Why Look for TorGuard Alternatives?

However, TorGuard is not perfect. It has a few shortcomings that you may want to consider before signing up. In addition, there are several reasons why you should look for other options.

The first one is that TorGuard doesn’t permit torrenting. You can, however, download torrents anonymously using other services.

Another reason to look for alternatives is the speed caps imposed by TorGuard, which reduces your internet speeds when connected to their servers.

The next reason to consider alternatives is that TorGuard servers are not very secure. There have been several reports of the company experiencing hacking attempts and data leaks on its user’s accounts.

Finally, you should look for other options because some users complain about the quality of their customer support service, which they claim to be slow. They also say it is difficult to get in touch with customer support.

So, if you are looking for better service than TorGuard, here are five alternatives worth considering.

What to Look for in a TorGuard Alternative?

When searching for a TorGuard alternative, there are various factors to consider. Some of these include:


The first important factor to consider when choosing a VPN is speed. Choosing a VPN that won’t slow down your internet connection is important. For this reason, many reviews are broken up into two categories: Speed and Stability.

  • Speed – How fast the VPN is capable of being transferred over the Internet. We test all top providers to make sure they don’t throttle speeds or limit bandwidths which can affect how much data you can transfer at one time. The faster your speed without a VPN, the better it will be when connected through one!
  • Stability – This has more to do with server locations than anything else because there are far too many factors involved in transferring information over WiFi vs. Ethernet cables versus cellular networks etc. However, we test each VPN for drops in connection and long-term stability.

Speed depends on a lot of factors. For example, your physical location and the server you are connecting to. For example, if a VPN is based in the United States, but you are connecting to a server in the United Kingdom, your speed will be slower than if you connected to a server in the same country.

It is important to choose a VPN that has a lot of servers located all over the world. This way, you can connect to the fastest server no matter where you are.

If you’re looking for a fast and stable VPN service, our top three recommendations are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost. All of these providers offer great speeds as well as stable connections, so you can be sure your browsing is protected at all times.

Remember to take your location into consideration when choosing a VPN. For example, if you are located in Spain, connecting to a server-based, there is best. This will give you the fastest speeds possible, depending on what country you’re connecting from!

Zero logs policy

The next factor that you need to consider when choosing a VPN service is the provider’s logging policy. This is because the company that keeps logs about users’ data usage can be hacked, and user information can then become public. Therefore, you should ensure that your provider has a no-logging policy or at least an anonymous logging policy.

Moreover, if your desired VPN service does not have a no-logging policy, then it should at least offer anonymous logging. Such companies will ensure that only the necessary data is logged without user identification details.

Zero logs policy is a must for any good VPN service. If the provider does not keep logs, then there is nothing they can give up to the authorities even if they are asked to.

But some VPN companies keep connection logs for a certain time, which makes them vulnerable. They can even be forced to hand over these logs to the authorities if they are asked for them.

If you are concerned about security and privacy, you should choose a VPN service with a no-logs policy.

So, it is important that you check whether your desired VPN service has a zero-logging policy or an anonymous logging policy before signing up.

Security protocols

One more thing you’ll want to consider when choosing a VPN service is the security protocols they offer. There are a few different protocols you can choose from, and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. The most popular security protocols are:

  • OpenVPN – is open-source, so it’s constantly being tested for vulnerabilities and bugs. As a result, it has a stable track record of protecting your data from eavesdroppers.
  • LTP – this is a security protocol that uses SSL to encrypt the connection between you and the VPN server, making it very difficult for hackers or other third parties to break into your information while it’s in transit.
  • PPTP – this protocol has been around for a very long time and is common because it’s compatible with almost every type of device. However, in recent years, its security vulnerabilities have become apparent, and there are now safer alternatives that most people should prefer.
  • SSTP – the Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol was developed by Microsoft and worked only with Windows devices. This protocol is considered to be very secure, but it’s less common than other options because few VPN services support it yet.
  • IKEv – the Internet Key Exchange version two was designed as an improvement over your IPsec connections. It uses certificates to encrypt all of your data traffic, so you don’t have to worry about anyone intercepting your information.

When choosing a security protocol, it’s important to consider the devices you’ll be using and which ones offer the best protection. If you’re not sure which protocol is right for you, contact your VPN service provider for more information.

Each protocol has its own benefits and drawbacks. Contact your VPN service provider for more information about which protocols are best for you.

Remember, you can never be too careful when it comes to security. So make sure to choose a VPN service that offers the best protection possible for your needs.

User interface

The user interface is the first thing that comes into mind for any user. The user interface should be easy to use and navigate. If the user interface is not good, then it will be hard for the user to use the VPN service.
The best options are clearly displayed, and the user does not have to work too hard for them.

A good interface will provide an easy way for the user to connect and disconnect from the VPN service. Moreover, it will also show the user’s location and current IP address.

TorGuard’s interface is very simple, easy to understand, and straightforward. Unfortunately, they have a lot of shared servers with other VPN providers, which can be somewhat confusing, but otherwise, it works just fine.

The best alternative will also have a user-friendly interface and be easy to understand. It means that the interface should be quite intuitive and not require an in-depth knowledge of technology.

Remember that the interface is like a first impression for any user, so it should be as beautiful and as easy to use as possible.

Additional features

There are a lot of great features that a good VPN can offer. If you’re looking for a VPN that has all the features you need, take a look at some of these top TorGuard alternatives.

These features can include things like:

  • Anti-virus will scan any incoming data for malware and viruses before it gets to your device.
  • Kill switch – if the VPN disconnects, it will keep you safe by stopping all traffic coming in or out of your device until the VPN is turned back on again.
  • DDoS Protection – Protects you from DDOS attacks that can happen when using a VPN.
  • Packet Inspection – Ensures your browsing habits and data remain private while connected to VPN servers.
  • Custom Protocol – You can choose which protocol you want to use for your connection.
  • Multiple Devices – It is possible to connect many devices at once, including phones and tablets.
  • Speed Test – Check the speed of different servers on the network before you connect.
  • Server Selection – Choose from a list of servers in different countries to connect to.
  • Money-Back Guarantee – If you’re not happy with the service, you can get your money back within a certain time period.
  • Adblocking – Blocks ads from appearing on your device.
  • Server switching – This allows you to quickly switch between server locations without the need for a new connection.

When looking for a VPN, it is important to ensure that the service you choose has all of the features you need. Otherwise, you may end up with a service that does not meet your needs.

Make sure to check out some of the best TorGuard alternatives to find a service that has everything you need.

Customer support

Another important consideration when looking for a VPN provider is customer support.

For one, you’ll want to be able to contact your VPN at all times in case of an emergency. Second, if something isn’t working correctly with your connection or software, it can take hours (or even days) for a proper response from the company providing the service.

Customer support is also important from a billing standpoint. If you have any questions or issues regarding your subscription, what payment methods are accepted, or where to find the software client that works with your device’s operating system, customer support is there to help.

Waiting time for customer support, response quality, and billing questions are all important factors to look for when considering a VPN provider. Moreover, you should be able to contact support without any trouble, day or night.

Customer service is also one of the most important aspects when looking for a VPN provider. You want to have access to excellent customer service that can help you with all your problems and issues quickly and efficiently. In addition, if something goes wrong, it’s crucial that there are 24/7 customer support that can help you out.

You should be able to contact a VPN support team at any time- day or night, and get the response needed to fix your issues without wasting too much of either party’s time.

Furthermore, customer service is not just about the support staff. It’s also about the quality of the response you get. Unfortunately, some VPN providers have a poor reputation when it comes to customer service. This can be anything from long wait times on the phone or chat line to unhelpful and unyielding support staff.


Price is always a big consideration when it comes to choosing a VPN service. It must be affordable for the average person but also provide good value. Therefore, it is important to know the top VPN services to make an educated decision.

First of all, you need to look at the price. The price must be reasonable because not everyone can afford to pay a lot of money for a VPN service. However, you should also make sure that the service is of good value because you don’t want to pay for something that isn’t worth it.
Price usually depends on the length of the subscription. Most providers offer monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions.

Your budget will also affect the price. The longer your contract, the cheaper it will be per month.

An added benefit of choosing a long-term subscription is that you can try out different providers for free before committing to one service. This way, you have nothing to lose if there are any problems with performance or access to certain channels, etc.

Some services offer free trials for a limited time. This is another great way to try before you buy.

But, please note that we do not recommend signing up for a free trial and then canceling the service. This is because most of them use auto-billing, which means the VPN provider will store your credit card information. So you could end up getting charged even though you’ve canceled your subscription.

The best thing to do is find a service that offers a free trial but does not require your credit card information.


Can TorGuard be trusted?

Not really. There are a lot of people that do not trust this service. It is easy to understand why – from bandwidth throttling to DNS leaks and more!

Is TorGuard good for streaming?

Not really. Many people have had trouble with this service when it comes to streaming media content of any kind. Many other VPNs do a much better job than TorGuard in terms of unblocking geo-restricted media sites like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

What about Torrenting?

TorGuard is not a good option for torrents because it was caught red-handed, slowing down its users’ network and uploading fake data to torrent sites! This can be very dangerous, as these two actions are against what a VPN should stand for – anonymity and integrity. In fact, it is not recommended for anyone to use TorGuard when Torrenting at all.

Where is TorGuard based?

TorGuard is based in the US. Unfortunately, this means it is subject to the Five, Nine, and Fourteen Eyes governments that violate user privacy regularly – all while enjoying complete anonymity themselves!

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Final Thoughts

TorGuard is a good VPN service. But, there are many other good options out there for those who want to find the best TorGuard alternatives. The list above provides some of the top choices that should quite well meet most users’ needs. And if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, take a look at our Best VPNs page for more information on different providers and how they stack up against one another based on their features and pricing plans.

We hope this article helped find alternatives to TorGuard! We’ll be back soon with more articles like this one right here on our blog so check back often if you want to find out about all of the latest news and guides in cyber security!

Thanks again for reading today – stay tuned!