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Watch Hunter X Hunter All Seasons on Netflix From Anywhere in the World

The world is a big place and with the internet, there are no borders. All of us want to watch our favorite shows, but we don’t always have access to them. Netflix has an answer for that! In this blog post, you will learn how to watch Hunter X Hunter All Seasons on Netflix from anywhere in the world.

Are you a fan of the anime series Hunter X Hunter? If so, you can watch all seasons on Netflix in your country despite the restrictions! Watch episodes online and are caught up before a new season airs.

About Hunter X Hunter

Hunter x Hunter (HXH) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Togashi Yoshihiro. Based on the TV adaptation of the manga, this show (the first episodes released in 2011) follows Gon Freecss as he grows up to become a skilled hunter. A Hunter is someone who travels the world doing dangerous tasks. From capturing offenders to exploring uncharted regions for lost riches, hunting is a wide range of missions. Gon Freecss is a young boy whose father vanished many years ago while being a Hunter. He believes if he can follow in his father’s footsteps, they might someday be reunited again.

At the age of 12, Gon leaves his family and undertakes to pass the Hunter Examination, notorious for its low success rate and high mortality rate. He befriends Kurapica, a revenge-driven doctor who is also Leorio’s friend, as well as ex-assassin Killua in the exam; their friendship endures through many challenges and threats they face while pursuing a life as a hunter [1].

About Hunter X Hunter


According to IMDB, the cast of this anime show includes a few voiceover actors and actresses from all over the world, but most of the United States and Japan:

  • Issei Futamata (as Narrator);
  • Megumi Han (as Gon Freecss);
  • Erika Harlacher (as Kurapika);
  • Cristina Valenzuela (as Killua Zoldyck);
  • Daisuke Namikawa (as Hisoka Morow);

Is Hunter X Hunter Available on Netflix?

The famous anime TV show is available only in a few Netflix regions. In the United States and Canada, Netflix uses geo-blocking software to prevent viewers from watching content from other countries and that’s the reason why it is not available in your country.

At the moment HXH all 6 Seasons are available just in Netflix India, Switzerland, Pakistan, and France. And if you can change the location to it then you can access Hunter X Hunter all 6 Seasons and other titles on Netflix now [2].

Why I Can’t Watch Hunter X Hunter on Netflix Now?

HXH is only available on Netflix in a limited number of countries. This implies that you won’t be able to see the program if you live outside these territories.

VPNs provide a new IP address and redirect your online activity, making it appear as if you are browsing from a different place. When you connect to a US server, for example, Netflix will assume you’re from the United States and allow you to see all of the content in its collection – even if you’re not there.

You won’t have any trouble accessing geo-blocked material with a VPN, and you’ll be able to watch HXH!

Why I Can’t Watch Hunter X Hunter on Netflix Now?

How to Watch Hunter X Hunter on Netflix From Any Country?

If this anime is not available in your country and you know that it won’t appear on Netflix in your country any time soon, consider using VPN services to watch HXH anywhere in the world. The simplest method to alter your Netflix region is via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN encrypts all of your online activity and sends it through a server in a different country. It may impersonate your actual IP address by hiding it and replacing it with one from the country you choose.

Hunter X Hunter Review

The protagonist of HXH, Gon Freecss, is a young man who has spent all of his life searching for his father, Ging. To find his father, Gon must first become a hunter and set out to do so.

Gon is discovered as a baby by his mother, who decides to raise him as a hunter in the wild. As he grows up, however, he demonstrates an incredible power and learns how to control it through experiences with other kids and adults. Along the way, he meets Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua. Gon’s quest to become a legendary hunter begins when they set out to take the Hunter Exam together.

The anime has seven arcs, each of which is divided into two halves. The Hunter exam, Zoldyck family, Heaven’s arena, Yorknew city, Greed island, Chimera ant, and Chairman election arc are some of the arcs.

Gon and his friends fight the Phantom Troupe after getting certified, then Gon and Killua go into Greed Island in search of clues to find their father, Ging. The two then almost immediately get caught up in stopping the man-eating Chimera Ants from taking over the world.

If you’re searching for an anime that introduces plot twists and developments quicker than the eye can blink, this is the series for you. The show has plenty of distinctive characters, powerful emotions, intense fighting sequences, and outstanding animation.

This shonen anime is distinguished by its spectacular, high-powered battles that will have you cheering for the hero, afraid of the villains, and even weeping due to the unexpected consequences.

The fights between Gon and Hisoka, Kurapika and the Phantom Troupe, and so many other fierce conflicts will show stunning power, devotion, strategy, and an indisputable increase in strength as the characters grow and learn their true potential.

“Departure!” by Ono Masatoshi, which is also the closing song for the last episode of a hit, is the series’ opening theme. The opening themes are so moving that tears run down your face as you listen to them, yet they sound so legendary that you’re driven to succeed.

HXH offers a unique and exciting place for people to visit. With the idea of the Hunters’ Association, the stunning manifestation of “the power of friendship” and one-of-a-kind special effects employed in the program, it creates a new world that we have never experienced.

Hunter X Hunter Review

Hunter X Hunter Alternatives

It is a fantastic adventure-action shounen anime with a well-rounded whole and a highly anticipated story. In fact, if you’ve been watching this series thus far, you’d know that it’s a reboot called Hunter X Hunter (2011), which demonstrates how excellent and excellent it is! It demonstrated as much when it aired in 2011.

Luckily, there are some anime shonen TB series that resemble Hunter x Hunter in terms of the interesting plot and battles. They include:

1) Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)

The plot. When the kingdom of Liones is seized by its traitorous Holy Knights, Princess Elizabeth is left with no choice but to seek out the kingdom’s most wanted criminals, the Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins), and request their assistance. Despite the fact that the group had been missing for ten years, Princess Elizabeth never doubted them; instead, she thinks that everything that has happened so far is part of a diabolical plot by the malevolent Holy Knights of her kingdom, who are planning an absolutely awful scheme. Now known as the “Rusty Knight” Princess Elizabeth inadvertently enters the Boar Hat Bar – a traveling bar where fate intended her to meet Meliodas, the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath.

What is similar to HXH? Nanatsu no Taizai is an epic adventure-action anime. What makes it stand out is that it adheres to a sensible pattern that works well. The fights aren’t simply chaotic brawls where the characters unleash all of their strength; they’re structured in such a manner that you can sense the thrill and excitement through every turn and twist. And the action—it definitely lives up to its name! The characters are on an exciting journey with unexpected twists popping up now and then. Finally, the tale is thrilling and highly engaging! It’s hilarious when it needs to be, and it’s serious when the occasion demands it. This anime, like HXH, may immerse you in the narrative, develop throughout the story, and care about its characters in a way that few other shows can.

2) Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

The plot. Dungeons have sprouted up all around the world, and they promise riches and power to those who successfully conquer them. It’s not that simple, though, because numerous individuals have attempted it before but failed!

There is a young man named Alibaba Saluja somewhere on this planet. He aspires of conquering a dungeon someday so he may realize his ambitions and aspirations. One day, he meets a boy named Aladdin who appears to be a regular kid but has an enigma behind his back. After that, Alibaba and Aladdin go on an adventure together in order to conquer their first dungeon — Amon’s Dungeon!

What is similar to HXH? Magi might appear to be very magical and charming at first, but it is actually far darker than anyone would believe. Some characters in this anime appear to just perish suddenly and unexpectedly. Even though it has its cheerful and bright moments, the underlying storyline is serious and dark. With joyful people in a world full of despair and depravity, Magi takes us on an international quest like HXH.

2) Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

3) No Game No Life

The plot. Shiro and Sora are both known as the legendary gamer “Blank”. Both are Hikikomori N.E.E.T.s who live as brothers and sisters sharing a strong emotional connection and have shattered gaming’s limits by considering if they were born into the correct world. One day, a message from the gods of a different dimension arrives, inviting them to be summoned to Disboard. Tet, a boy who is the true god of Disboard: a world without murder or crime in which conflicts are resolved by games, is that deity. Shiro and Sora will struggle their way from the bottom to the top in order to earn the right to challenge the one true God, Tet himself.

What is similar to HXH? If you enjoy how battles are structured in HXH, as if everyone is battling a war of might and strength as well as wits and intellect, then No Game No Life will provide the same level of enjoyment. Despite the fact that there aren’t many physical combat or fight scenes in No Game No Life, it makes up for it with its outstanding mental confrontations/games. In a fight, strength and power are typically ineffective; what matters is the mind’s capacity to think up brilliant ideas and ingenious methods in a matter of seconds. No Game No Life, like HXH, is set in a fantastic world filled with mystery, so most anime fans will surely enjoy it as much.

4) World Trigger

The plot. A dimensional gate in the middle of Mikado City suddenly opens, and beings from another world known as “Neighbors” emerge. They bring ruin with them wherever they go. Fortunately, an organization of enigmatic yet powerful individuals known as the “Border” jumps into the fight to halt Neighbors’ incursion. The Border is now a peacekeeping force in Mikado City, ensuring safety when neighbors attack unexpectedly.

A year after the incident, a strange young boy named Kuga Yuuma enrolls at Mikado City’s school. His background is a mystery, and it’s unclear what his goals are, but he is a battle-hardened veteran who claims to be from another world.

What is similar to HXH? World Trigger is a science fiction anime that takes place in the far future, whereas HXH is set in the present day. While World Trigger has more of a sci-fi flavor, HXH has better narrative development and action sequences. The first is that, in World Trigger, combat takes place using the power of the mind rather than sheer strength. The story also has plenty of twists and intriguing possibilities. Also, while Kuga Yuuma (the protagonist) is already quite powerful (Yuma), he has vast room for improvement and development, as do other main characters and significant figures.

4) World Trigger


1. Did Netflix remove Hunter x Hunter?

HXH is a much-celebrated anime series that has attracted a devoted audience for over a decade. Of course, the show attracts a lot of attention through streaming, and Netflix has established itself as a favorite destination for binge-watching the shonen.

However, the program was removed from Netflix US and Canada recently.

HXH has been removed from Netflix since March 7, 2021, with all three seasons.

For any newcomers to Netflix, the series has 4 seasons listed on the website. The Greed Island arc begins in the fourth season, so everything leading up to that date will be removed from Netflix soon. So if you want to see it, you’ll need to come up with another method.

HBO Max will apparently get some Hunter x Hunter in the mix, according to a separate source. The streaming service has updated its list of available services for March 2021, and the anime was included. HBO Max will not be receiving three seasons, but it’s better than nothing [3].

2. Is Hunter x Hunter appropriate for 11-year-olds?

PG-13 is the rating of this show, so it means that 11-year-old kids should skip it until they grow up. The violence isn’t nearly bad enough to earn it an R-rating, even in the Chimera Ant saga. It is completely suitable for young children [4]..

3. Is HXH scary?

It is full of mystery and action, but it’s not really scary. Some of the battles are intense for sure, but if you’re looking for something that will scare your kids – this isn’t what you should be watching.

4. Why is HXH so good?

First and foremost, the series is a shonen anime. It follows Gon as he grows up and trains to become a hunter – or someone who finds lost treasures for people in need of them. The story isn’t too complicated but it’s captivating enough that you’ll want to see what happens next.

The fights are what you’re here for, though. The world is filled with interesting people who have unique abilities that they use to fight each other in different ways. If you like games where the characters’ powers seem “cool” and flashy – this show is great at many points after all.

5. Will Hunter X Hunter ever come on Netflix in my country?

It is a complicated question and only the executives of Netflix can answer it. However, you can skip waiting until the show appears in your country on Netflix and watch it on Netflix right now via a VPN server. For example, In Switzerland, HXH is streaming on Netflix, so you’ll need a US VPN server to view it.

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