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ExpressVPN vs PIA Comparison

Most recommended


  • IP address masking
  • Anonymous browsing
  • On every device
  • 24-hour live chat support

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  • Multiple VPN Gateways
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • SOCKS5 Proxy Included
  • No traffic logs

Choose the Best VPN Between ExpressVPN and PIA

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated VPN Service in This Comparison

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90.00% of users selected ExpressVPN, 10.00% selected PIAVPN . Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access are really popular VPN services with a lot of users around in many countries. In my opinion, I recommend only ExpressVPN in this comparison because ExpressVPN is definitely a winner for me.

Different VPNs are better for different purposes. Therefore, the service should be chosen depending on your goal (speed, geolocation change, etc.). We recommend the following VPN services.

Express VPN is one of the most popular VPN services out there. Its advantages are excellent speed and strong encryption. ExpressVPN uses IKEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP / IPsec to protect data in transit and AES-256 encryption (also used by the U.S. government). The service has 160 locations in 94 countries! This is a significant factor for those who want to visit online cinemas like Netflix in other countries and regions. ExpressVPN also has many apps, and you can connect up to 5 devices at the same time.

Private Internet Access VPN (PIA) has over 26,000 servers in 77 countries. Impressive! The service also has robust security protocols such as WireGuard. With Private Internet Access, you can connect 10 devices at the same time. Like previous VPNs, it offers some interesting apps.

Why do people choose PIA?

Private Internet Access is a VPN that consistently scores well. The focus of this provider is mainly on security and privacy. You can count on strong security and a wide range of VPN servers if you choose Private Internet Access. Private Internet Access has been taken over by the company that also owns CyberGhost since 2019, so the service will likely undergo changes in the coming years.

Private Internet Access is an excellent choice if you want a good VPN for a relatively low price. Experienced VPN users, in particular, will be thankful for the many possibilities and security benefits of PIA.

Why do people choose ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is one of the largest and best-known VPN providers in the world. This provider offers a complete package with almost all the benefits you could wish for from a VPN.

There are over 3000 stable servers in 94 countries. No other VPN on this list has servers in so many countries. With this good server network, it’s not surprising that ExpressVPN ranks well in any VPN speed comparison: it is without a doubt one of the fastest VPNs.

Company and jurisdiction: Private Internet Access vs. ExpressVPN

The huge news in this classification is the consolidation between Private Internet Access and Kape Technologies. I canvassed this subject in a different article. However, a portion of the additional disturbing issues I found was:

PIA Jurisdiction: Private Internet Access is situated in the U.S. The United States is not a good choice for security. There have additionally been various situations where U.S. tech organizations have been compelled to log and give up client information while simultaneously being restricted from sharing it because of gag orders. The U.S. also, U.K. are most likely the two most exceedingly awful purviews for information security on the planet.

Dissimilar to Private Internet Access, ExpressVPN has not declared any consolidations or acquisitions with other online protection organizations. It’s a major part of the VPN space, and I don’t see it being purchased out or combined at any point in the near future. However, no one can tell what may occur.

ExpressVPN Jurisdiction: ExpressVPN is situated in the British Virgin Islands. The BVI is a huge seaward purview that isn’t an individual from any guard dog collision while being strategically and legitimately free of outside impact.

Which devices and operating systems are supported: Private Internet Access vs. ExpressVPN?

Private Internet Access programming deals with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Likewise, you can effectively utilize the Private Internet Access program expansion for Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

You can utilize an ExpressVPN membership on up to five gadgets simultaneously. We are extremely satisfied with the basic and well-working applications for Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Besides, you can set these applications in both English and notwithstanding the numerous other accessible dialects.

Speed tests: ExpressVPN vs. Private Internet Access

After testing the two administrations widely for their particular tests, there is a reasonable champ in regard to VPN speeds, and that is ExpressVPN. All speed tests were led utilizing OpenVPN with 256-AES encryption on a 160 Mbps wired Ethernet association.

From the outset, we inspect tests with close-by Private Internet Access and ExpressVPN workers. Here’s a close-by ExpressVPN worker in Switzerland at 150 Mbps: I likewise tried close-by Private Internet Access workers, similar to this one in Austria, which gave me around 85 Mbps. Then, at that point, I tried workers in the United Kingdom. Here’s an ExpressVPN worker in the United Kingdom, which again gave me around 147 Mbps.

With Private Internet Access, my speed was about half as quick as ExpressVPN. Here’s a Private Internet Access worker in the U.K., however, at just around 65 Mbps: That’s not awful, but rather it’s unquestionably not the best VPN in the U.K. as far as speed. Furthermore, I tried a few workers in the United States; however, ExpressVPN was fundamentally quicker.

Here’s an ExpressVPN working in New York at 141 Mbps: In correlation, here’s the PIA worker in New York at around 63 Mbps: When contrasting Private Internet Access with ExpressVPN, there was a reasonable victor as far as velocities.

ExpressVPN was reliably quicker than Private Internet Access, offering the best velocities. These test outcomes are likewise predictable with client input I got through remarks and messages. ExpressVPN is reliably quicker than Private Internet Access, in spite of the fact that PIA doesn’t have horrible velocities, all things considered. In the event that presentation is your first concern, ExpressVPN is the best approach.

Which one is more reliable: Private Internet Access or ExpressVPN?

At the point when I talk about dependability, I think about the accompanying regions: ExpressVPN is certainly a solid VPN administration. The applications are entirely steady and don’t experience the ill effects of detaches, buts, or crashes. So, everything simply works.

Presently, we should inspect Private Internet Access as far as unwavering quality. Private Internet Access is quite solid also. In the last Private Internet Access survey, I discovered the applications to be functioning admirably, without any mistakes, crashes, or different issues. Underneath, I change the settings on the Private Internet Access customer. Albeit the rates were not as quick as ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access actually has steady and solid execution. Accordingly, it’s a tie between ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access in the dependability classification.

Private Internet Access vs. ExpressVPN: Prices and Refund Policies

Underneath, we will survey the evaluating and discount strategies. While plainly ExpressVPN is the more costly alternative, the key inquiry is consistently esteemed (what you get for your money).

Price for Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is absolutely modest, with their present markdown evaluating that drops the month-to-month rate with the two-year membership plan: as far as worth, Private Internet Access is anything but an awful decision by the same token. While the VPN is really restricted and straightforward, the cost is likewise beautiful and sensible, particularly with the two-year plan. It’s a straightforward and modest VPN instead of an exceptional item.

PIA Refund Policy: Private Internet Access gives you a 7-day free trial period. This is fundamentally more limited than ExpressVPN, which offers a 30-day free trial period for all plans, including month-to-month memberships.

Price for ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is, without a doubt, more costly. Luckily, they also offer an ExpressVPN rebate coupon that incorporates three months free and brings down each month’s cost. Consequently, the coupon is initiated when you click on this markdown connect, which gives you the accompanying costs on the checkout page. ExpressVPN is more costly. However, when you think about the general quality, security, speed, and admittance to every one of the significant streaming locales (see underneath), I think it offers a superior worth.

ExpressVPN Refund Policy: ExpressVPN offers a 30-day unconditional promise. The discount is a “no inquiries posed” approach and does exclude any secret special cases or conditions. This is the best you will discover in the VPN business.

Along these lines, Private Internet Access is less expensive. However, ExpressVPN offers the best worth and discount strategy.

Features: ExpressVPN vs. Private Internet Access

Both ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access offer some respectable highlights, yet there is a champ in this class.

ExpressVPN procured the title as the best VPN for Kodi in light of the fact that it offers incredible applications that you can use on any gadget. The superior organization is likewise significant for streaming, which ExpressVPN truly conveys. The obscurity highlights are likewise significant in the event that you need a decent VPN for China, where VPNs are regularly obstructed. Around here, Private Internet Access isn’t a choice. However, ExpressVPN actually works with jumbled workers.

Which one has better support: Private Internet Access or ExpressVPN?

The class of help is a significant factor to consider. For the individuals who need assistance setting up and arranging their VPN, this can be a central consideration. In the help classification, ExpressVPN is the reasonable champ.

ExpressVPN Support

ExpressVPN offers every minute of every day live talk support accessible straightforwardly through their site (no login required). I tried the support on a few events and discovered it to be proficient and brief (no significant delays). On the off chance that you need a VPN administration that offers incredible help, ExpressVPN would be a decent decision.

PIA Support

Unlike ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access doesn’t offer live visit support. Your lone alternative to contact somebody from the help office is by means of email or maybe online media. On a positive note, the Private Internet Access support staff rushes to react, noting my email within 24 hours. However, it found a couple of ways to get to the foundation of the issue, which required a couple of days before it was fixed. Notwithstanding, one significant disadvantage I found is that it required some investment to deal with my discount. In the past, I have seen numerous objections about Private Internet Access support, yet they appear to have improved around here somewhat recently. Regardless, ExpressVPN is as yet the reasonable victor in the help classification.

Streaming and downloading torrents: Private Internet Access vs. ExpressVPN

Numerous individuals go to VPN administrations to unblock streaming destinations like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. I tracked down that Private Internet Access couldn’t unblock Netflix. Netflix blocks me when I am associated with a Private Internet Access worker in the U.S. While Private Internet Access presently claims to be a decent VPN for streaming, my outcomes say something else.

Private Internet Access is additionally a decent alternative in regard to web opportunities. PIA gives you support for watching Netflix contributions from different nations. In any case, they fundamentally utilize their powers for additional protection and security. Along these lines, Netflix isn’t continually dealing with every one of their workers, as it isn’t the organization’s focal point.

Since Private Internet Access scores well in the field of security, you can obviously likewise download downpours securely and namelessly.

ExpressVPN had the option to unblock Netflix for me with no issues. The streaming quality was fantastic, and there were no playback issues. ExpressVPN is right now the best VPN for streaming Netflix that I have tried and use by and by.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN makes it simple to download namelessly by means of deluge organizations. We tried this with a few P2P applications, including uTorrent and BitTorrent. This works perfectly.

You likewise get speedy admittance to a wide range of worldwide real-time features with ExpressVPN. Thus, you generally know without a doubt that you can watch Disney Plus, Hulu, and American Netflix.

Which one has better security: ExpressVPN vs. Private Internet Access?

ExpressVPN utilizes solid encryption norms: The security of this supplier is top of the bill. Among others, OpenVPN and ExpressVPN’s own Lightway is offered as conventions. This implies that your information traffic is impeccably gotten through 256-cycle encryption with a 4096-piece RSA key and SHA-512 HMAC validation. ExpressVPN applications likewise utilize the “Organization Lock” off button referenced before. ExpressVPN runs all workers in RAM circle mode, which they call the Trusted Server highlight.

ExpressVPN doesn’t keep action logs, so your riding conduct can’t be followed. Be that as it may, it is feasible to monitor the days and from which area you have associated with the ExpressVPN working, albeit this has no genuine ramifications for security.

What’s more, ExpressVPN works with purported “diskless workers, ” implying that even the actual supplier can’t see your information and program history. This supplier has developed a decent standing throughout the long term.

As referenced before, Private Internet Access joins extraordinary worth to online security and protection. Private Internet Access works with a few conventions, including OpenVPN and the new WireGuard. Moreover, Private Internet Access applies an exacting no-log strategy, which implies that no data about you is put away. Likewise, Private Internet Access has an underlying off button to keep you from truly being unprotected. Private Internet Access likewise prefers to help its clients block advertisements, trackers, and malware with the PIA MACE included. In this way, the VPN supplier is truly ideal for the VPN client who likes to fiddle with settings to make their web association as secure as could be expected.

Private Internet Access gives solid encryption norms yet additionally permits you to change information encryption, verification, and handshaking. While the customization might be appealing to certain clients, PIA doesn’t give more grounded encryption or greater security over ExpressVPN. Truth be told, you can utilize a lower level of encryption with Private Internet Access. Private Internet Access additionally doesn’t run all workers in RAM circle mode. ExpressVPN is the victor in this classification.

Points of improvement: Private Internet Access vs. ExpressVPN

Private Internet Access isn’t the most open VPN provider on this rundown, incompletely because of the absence of live talk. For individuals who have never utilized a VPN, different suppliers might be better decisions. That doesn’t adjust the way that PIA can, in any case, appropriately be called extraordinary compared to other VPNs.

ExpressVPN has a beautiful excessive cost contrasted with different suppliers on this rundown. That is why numerous clients, at last, decide on Private Internet Access since it is additionally a decent decision at a more moderate cost.

Another difficulty we run into at ExpressVPN is that the off button, in some cases, actuates when you change to another organization. You won’t be informed. This implies that the web association is briefly hindered without you taking note. For instance, warnings presently don’t show up on your telephone from WhatsApp or other online media, which can be badly designed.

Already, a solitary ExpressVPN membership must be utilized on three gadgets simultaneously. That has now been expanded to five concurrent associations, yet ExpressVPN is as yet not progressing nicely.

Useful Video: ExpressVPN vs Private Internet Access (PIA) Review. Can PIA Compete with ExpressVPN?

End: ExpressVPN wins

The unmistakable champ of this ExpressVPN versus Private Internet Access examination is ExpressVPN. Despite the fact that it is more costly, I think it actually offers a better incentive for cash, particularly when you think about the general nature of the applications, superb dependability, and incredible speed all through the VPN worker organization.

They have a coupon for those intrigued. If you need to attempt Private Internet Access, you can likewise get the markdown cost with the two-year plan. You may, in any case, be unsure and need to think about different choices. If that is the situation, you should look at the most recent test consequences of the best VPN administrations.