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How to Use Cyberghost with uTorrent?

If you are reading this text now, then most likely you already know without additional explanations that CyberGhost – VPN from Romania is one of the best VPN solutions for fast and secure torrenting. However, we will not rule out the possibility that people who have typed something like “The best VPN for a torrent client” in Google search got to this page, and a short description of CyberGhost will be very useful for them. So let’s do this: if you already know everything about this excellent VPN, feel free to skip the next section and go straight to the recommendations. And the rest are welcome to a brief acquaintance with this program.

A few well-deserved words about CyberGhost

What makes CyberGhost so special about other VPNs? Let’s start from afar. Don’t be alarmed, it’s fast. The fact is that torrent trackers are a rather slippery topic for many countries where copyright protection is of paramount importance, and downloading files through trackers is prohibited at the level of law as a tool for stealing someone else’s intellectual property.

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At the same time, CyberGhost initially positioned itself in the VPN software solutions market precisely as a tool with a whole set of innovative features to provide fast and secure torrenting. For a long time, this feature of it ran like a red thread through all advertising texts. With the tightening of measures against copyright infringes in many countries, CyberGhost has found itself in a somewhat ambiguous position.

On the one hand, he does not seem to break any laws, on the other hand, he helps others to break them. Moreover, it makes violators invulnerable to justice. An additional problem is the fact that numerous servers, designed specifically for fast data transfer by the P2P protocol, have also been outlawed in many countries precisely because of their specifics.

Thus, today CyberGhost has almost completely eliminated references to its support for torrenting from any publications and has slowly started moving the servers intended for this task to countries whose government does not show such close attention to what kind of information is transmitted through them.

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Nevertheless, CyberGhost’s serious focus on providing reliable, secure and fast torrenting has not gone anywhere, they simply began to talk less about it. It is enough to run this program to see that it is for this task that it offers such advanced and numerous options that very few competitors in this market can boast of.

It is worth noting a few more points that distinguish CyberGhost from many competitors.

  • This program works on almost all operating systems: Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Android, and even Raspberry Pi.
  • It supports many different devices, so you can use it without even having a computer.
  • It securely encrypts all information passing through it.
  • A big number of emergency mechanisms provide immediate disconnection of communication at the slightest suspicion of weakening or compromising any of the security protocols and algorithms.

It is impossible to keep from telling about another elegant solution for ensuring user anonymity in the virtual personal network created by CyberGhost tools. Instead of assigning each user a separate IP, which, of course, is encrypted and protected, but still can be disclosed during certain search activities, CyberGhost gives each member of its network… the same IP. Remember that story, when the houses of dwellers who had to be arrested were marked with chalk crosses, and someone at night drew the same crosses on all doors in the town.

Agree, it is impossible to find someone specific with this approach, even if we assume that the network is hacked or the company’s servers are arrested and confiscated.

In short, CyberGhost has been and remains, if not the best, then – for sure – one of the best integrated software solutions for transferring any data via P2P protocols.

By the way, an important fact that deserves a separate mention is the work of this program with various cryptocurrencies, which, as you know, also use this protocol.

So how to link CyberGhost and uTorrent?

Rely upon automatic: in CyberGhost we trust!

Let’s go back for a second to the story about, to put it mildly, the not-too-friendly attitude of the governments of some countries to the idea of ​​file sharing via torrent clients. CyberGhost, although it does not proclaim at every street that it has a huge number of solutions to ensure such network activity, continues to work on improving its algorithms.

Since the situation with servers located in different countries is constantly changing, CyberGhost closely monitors what’s going on around and responds promptly to it. Therefore, the best solution for the user will be, when connecting to the CyberGhost virtual personal network, to trust the automatic mode, which determines the best route for your torrenting.

Of course, no one can prevent you from creating such a route manually. But in this case, be prepared for the fact that some of the servers you have chosen may not work, and some will be configured for completely different network tasks. The result can be either too slow file transfer or the total impossibility of such transfer.

As for the preset connection options offered by CyberGhost, there is an incredible number of them, so you can always choose from this list what you need for each specific task.

So, all you need to begin is just to turn CyberGhost on and to choose the profile transparently called “For torrenting”.

There are two important notes before starting work. Overall, CyberGhost treats your security and anonymity as a complex task, so by turning the program on, you can be entirely sure that its algorithms will take care of everything. However, we strongly recommend that you clear your cookies before starting work. This is a useful operation for those who do not want to share information about their network movements with others.

And one more thing: CyberGhost’s security system is configured to instantly disconnect the connection if there is a threat to your anonymity appearing on the horizon. Therefore, if the connection is suddenly interrupted, keep in mind: this is not a bug, but a feature. Just thank your VPN guard for his vigilance and reconnect.

Let’s go step by step

To exchange files using the P2P protocol, a torrent client is required, this is obvious. CyberGhost works seamlessly with whatever you’re used to. If you have not yet decided on your final preferences, we recommend the free, reliable, and feature-rich uTorrent.

Well, we assume that you are using uTorrent and in the following instructions we will refer to it as a client. Although, again, you can use any other program, for CyberGhost your choice does not really matter.

  • First of all, (before starting uTorrent), turn CyberGhost on.
  • From the home screen, select “Torrent Anonymously”. As detailed above, let CyberGhost’s algorithms automatically select the optimal connection for your uTorrent, taking into account all external factors.
  • Now you have a new screen where you are prompted to choose settings that will help you configure your connection for the best torrenting speed. Please note that no matter what additional options you choose or disable, you must have enabled the two ones: “Block Online Tracking” (from the name it is clear that this setting is responsible for your anonymity on the Web) and “Extra Speed​​” (well, here everything is clear without explanation).
  • Do you see the inscription “Start Anonymous Torrenting”? Click!
  • A control panel with sensors of the speed of reception and transmission opens in front of you and the IP visible only to you (from the rest it, as it should be, is hidden).
  • I guess you haven’t forgotten to turn on your uTorrent with all this hassle? Perfectly! Enjoy fast, anonymous torrenting, secured by CyberGhost VPN!

This, in fact, is all. It is no coincidence that a significant part of this article is devoted to the story of how it works and – especially – to the innovative approaches of CyberGhost. Obviously, all users using programs of this kind want to be absolutely sure that he is guaranteed to receive what was promised to him in various reviews and advertising selling texts on the official websites of the programs they purchase.

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In this case, you can be completely and completely calm: after you have entered your personal tunnel created for you by CyberGhost VPN, every byte of information you transmit is available only to you and to the one to whom you personally decide to open access.

Just enjoy the speed and safety, everything else is the responsibility of CyberGhost.