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How to Cancel Avast SecureLine VPN Subscription?

Have you ever heard the joke: “We do not marry wives, but brides and these are completely different people”? The same can be said about programs like Avast SecureLine VPN: a 7-day trial period isn’t something you could call a honeymoon, there is no way to consider it even a couple of first dates with timid kisses on the cheek… A one-week acquaintance will hardly let you find out – whether this is really your choice for the whole life or just an accidental meeting on a back seat?

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Of course, there is a proven way: to promise to marry, to get all the rights of an already-almost-real-spouse, and to sneak away at the very last moment. But in this case, you are supposed to keep your eyes peeled. After all, you will clearly not be the first to do such a trick with AvastVPN, so your non-binding affair could turn into a one-year or even three-year marriage contract. As the saying goes, “one careless move – and you are a father.”

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Well, if you have not yet finally decided whether you are ready to keep AvastVPN on your computer as a guardian of your anonymity and security on the Internet and would like to use the money-back guarantee, you have an option: prepay, let’s say a month and run this program a little longer. Then you should be very careful about terms and conditions. Since in this case, they are not at all obvious, in this article we offer you detailed instructions how to find out all that interests you about AvastVPN and save your money if you decide to stop using the application.

Terms and Prices. Be careful

First of all, be sure to take into account that, depending on which exact term you`ve prepaid for using Avast SecureLine VPN, the end date of your previous period and the beginning of the next one may differ significantly.

  • If you’ve chosen a subscription from one to three years, then AvastVPN has every reason to consider you a promising partner and, having embraced you once, will not let go as long as possible. Therefore, the money for the next 1-3-year contract will be debited from your account (ATTENTION!) 15 days before the end of the previous period and, accordingly, Avast hopes for it, before the start of the next one.
    Therefore, if you are determined to tell AvastVPN: “Goodbye, the past was a mistake”, keep the calendar right in front of your eyes and announce that you are asking for a divorce no later than 17, and better – 20 days (so that you certainly do not miss) before the expiration of your prepaid union.
  • With a monthly subscription, everything is a little easier: the money for the next month will go from your card to your AvastVPN account two days before the end of the prepaid period.
  • As for the 7-day trial period, then (don’t be confused!) Avast considers the LAST DAY of free use of the program as the FIRST DAY of your paid subscription. That is, once again: you have to declare a complete break in your relationship with AvastVPN not on the seventh day, but before the end of the sixth one.

So where is this… cherished button?

Do remember for sure: even the complete removal of AvastVPN from your device with the cleaning of all traces of its presence there does not mean termination of your subscription. You’ll still be asked for money, up to lawsuit you, so be careful and, as mentioned above, carefully checked the calendar and the clock.

There are several ways to cancel your Avast Secure Line subscription. We describe each of them here to let you find the way most fitting exactly for you.

  1. The easiest way to end your relationship with AvastVPN and not to pay alimony after is not to miss the time and to fill out a special online form. If you have mail linked to your Avast SecureLine VPN account (you had to indicate it during the registration process), then fill in the data, indicating your email address, and confirm the irrevocability of your desire by clicking on the “Submit request” button.
  2. Now let’s talk about the getting of a 30-day refund, that is, not ending the 7-day trial period, but the option when you paid for, say, a 1-month subscription, but were unhappy with the program and want to get your money back.
  3. Here, the whole procedure is almost identical to the described above, with one clarification. You fill out the same online form, which was mentioned, but in paragraph 2, instead of the pre-written answer, indicate: “I want a refund.” That’s it, you are unsubscribed.
  4. The methods described in the previous two paragraphs apply when you purchased Avast SecureLine VPN from a desktop or laptop. If you used the mobile version, then you need to officially unsubscribe through the appropriate resource – Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Google play store

Click in the upper right corner on the icon with your avatar. Please note, if you have several Google accounts on your mobile device, you need to select the one from which you paid for your AvastVPN subscription. Select the “Payments and subscriptions” line in the menu that appears. Find Avast SecureLine VPN in this list, scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the “Cancel Subscription” button and then follow the instructions from the program manufacturer.

Apple App Store

The unsubscribe and refund process for this store is almost identical to the one described above. Minor differences can be found only in the names of the menu lines.

Please note that both the Google play store and the Apple App Store guarantee the success of such operations only if you purchased the software through these official stores from the official owners of the software. If you have previously used a link from some advertising banner on the Internet, which may have been placed not directly by the manufacturer, but by some intermediary, the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store may refuse you a refund.

Perhaps you purchased your AvastVPN subscription not directly from the Avast website but from a major online software store, such as Nexway for instance.

Let’s describe this process step by step

  1. Find in the mail a letter from the store confirming your purchase.
  2. Find in this letter a link to terminate your continued subscription (meaning that by purchasing this software, you have agreed to a monthly withdraw of a certain amount from your account, and now you want to stop it).
  3. Clicking on this link will redirect you to the corresponding store page.
  4. Enter here your email and password with which you registered your purchase.
  5. Confirm the entry, then find the line “Change Auto-Renewal Settings” on the page.
  6. On the Payment & Billing Details page, find the Auto-Renewal section and the Disabled button in it.
  7. Then everything is simple: click the “Disable automatic renewal” button.
  8. If you did not miss the deadlines described at the very beginning of the article, you can breathe a sigh of relief: you have successfully unsubscribed from this program. Now I just have to wait for a confirmation letter from the store.

What’s in the bottom line

Let’s briefly summarize what has been written, once again drawing attention to some fundamentally important points.

  • First of all, do not forget that Avast SecureLine VPN withholds money for the next period until the end of the current one, so be especially careful not to miss a period when you can still without financial loss to cancel the next subscription period.
  • You can unsubscribe from AvastVPN in several ways – by going to the corresponding page using the link from the confirmation letter, directly from your personal account on the Avast website, or through the store website from which you purchased it. In any case, you should definitely receive a letter confirming that you have successfully unsubscribed.
  • For mobile devices, it is preferable to buy the program directly from the manufacturer’s website, in which case you can be sure that the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store will return your money according to the 30-day refund plan.

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Well, there is the last tip for today. If you have not decided to fundamentally abandon the use of VPN, but simply remained dissatisfied with the capabilities that AvastVPN can provide, make (at least in your mind) a list of those features that you clearly lacked in this program, and those disadvantages that you wanted would be avoided by purchasing alternative software. After all, negative experiences are experiences too. Therefore, having found out exactly what you do not want, or want it to be implemented differently, you actually monetize your negative impressions by successfully spending money on a software solution that will meet your expectations and requests.